Former President and Co-Founder of Ai Trades Global and President and CEO of Ai Trades Philippines Inc.

Born in the Philippines, raised in America, and living for over 40 years. A family man and a professional Multi-Level Marketer for over 15 years. RV has a variety of experiences with International MLM companies, he has managed and performed with the highest degree of success.

RV has been instrumental to the success of multiple product based international companies, including First Quadrant International Inc., FKC, LifeVantage, FG Express, Atomy, and a multi billion dollar company, Jeunesse International.

RV’s extensive involvement with numerous Crypto Currency based companies made him one of the pioneers of the Crypto currency world. His leadership in the industry have made him the best fit to lead the First and only Crypto Currency Management Company in the world with a product. Crypto Currency ATMs are the way of the future.

RV Palafox (Founder CEO)